Fixed Gear Bikes (fixed gear solo bicycle): rear wheel and rear wheel bolt fastened directly, so the direction of rotation of the crank is always consistent with the direction of movement of the rear wheel. Dead coaster can not glide off his feet from the footrest unless downhill. In general, the configuration is not dead coaster brake. Riders can reverse pedals to slow down until stop.

Dead coaster (fixed gear bicycle, will be referred to hereinafter as the bike dead fly dead coaster) rear gear and rear wheel bolt fastened directly

(Unlike an ordinary bicycle, a rear wheel and the gear wheel is connected through a ratchet pawl when reverse pedaling force from the rear wheels.), So that the direction of rotation of the crank always coincide with the direction of movement of the rear wheel. For example, the pedals move forward, then the rear wheels to move forward; if the reverse pedals, the wheel go backwards. Thus, dead coaster can not glide off his feet from the footrest unless downhill. In general, the configuration is not dead coaster brake. Riders can reverse pedals to slow down until stop. Of course, if it continues, then reverse the pedals, the bike will go back!

Typically, dead coaster is not by a shift to shift. Of course, there are also the manufacturer will die before coaster match, rear brake, even with the change gear also.

Dead fly art stop called "drift" drift is opposite pedal movement skills hard to stop rotation of the rear wheel. All the weights are placed on the front wheel drift length can be longer, this action can impress others. If you want a quick stop to need to do to stop the rider instead of jumping, like a crowded street parking in the same.

Fixed Gear bike is very beautiful, because they are only a simplified frame, two wheels, handlebars and a transposon, usually without brake lines, no gear converter, no fenders, no lights, no reflectors, no brakes, clean bike.

fixed gear
fixed gear
Riding a dead fly is very interesting! You can ride very fast action or doing tricks or playing polo or just as an everyday vehicle. No flywheel car ride feeling is very addictive, so be careful!

Dead fly dangerous phase for mountain biking is not allowed on the road or to bigger, many cities, it is best to learn to fly before the play dead.


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Fixed Gear, and Track Bike (Cycling) is the same bike, but riding without geographical restrictions in the gym, in Japan there are classical forms of gambling venues bicycle race, known as the "Keirin" in Chinese is called " dead fly "or" Guchi ", also known as Hong Kong called" stem teeth ", Fixed Gear Bike from New York Old School bike culture, initially by Messenger express workers stead fast cycling culture in Japan after the popular Harajuku, It began to spread rapidly around the world, a representative of street culture. And because Hiroshi Fujiwara and a public Harajuku influx of people are Fixed Gear Bike fans, so the influx of people around the world are beginning to pay attention Fixed Gear sports, sports and Fixed Gear Fixed Gear start styling popular. In early 2009, China's large dead fly boom began.

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Fixed Gear tips for getting started

Lever in the direction of the front wheels 45 ° foot forward biased, the crank level, with the power balance of the front and rear leg control pedal. (10 minutes for the successful proficiency)

Let go of fixed rod rod fixed in accordance with the procedures to control the balance let go, relax the upper body, relying on your feet before and after the effect of balance.

MID SKID (Block brakes) do this action, people can leave a little cushion, and then use Gouzui, pull the front foot, locking the rear wheel (rear step on when to step on the direction of the frame).

SKID crank pull level when the front foot, the body as much as possible toward the front of the handlebar, the more forward will be more relaxed body. (Force to prop the foot pedal of inertia)

LONG SKID do this action, human hands straight grip, lower abdomen close to the handlebar, leaning forward, legs straight, feet with the ground when 45 °, rear step down to find the feeling.

Ride across the brake when a certain speed, the dog stepped on the foot of the crank to the highest point down, rapidly cross the other foot, step on the pedal just a reincarnation of the bird foot up, withstood it.

Reels first hands-free set lever to determine the upper leg better find step down feeling in the foot pedal while the handlebar will gently lift and then both hands, grasp the handlebars when (beginning of the center of gravity rearward ).

Header turn this difficult action is that the timing of the rise, do the movements of the body leaning back, feet natural force pulled up front to complete the transfer. Step down if the right circle hit the front of the body should be slightly to the inside right side down, and then directly after stepping on it. Requires repeated practice, mainly to control the inside of the front, lap time can be a little stand up and sit down again, because this is still a novice can control the look balanced.

First, the ride down into the buttocks on the handlebars, two-hand handlebar good, this time to note is to try to use the power of his legs before sliding gently and master balance after sliding feet on the back foot.

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Fixed Gear Bikes structure

Flying Death Part 19

Group 1 frame (frame, fork) 2 Headset Group 3 risers (the vertical) 4 handle (curved horns OR the OR to high) 5 6 seat 7BB pipe bowl group (axis) 8 crank group essence (with boots put your feet fixed on the pedal) 12 13 front 14 rear 15 chain cogwheel (lock in the rear axle of the flywheel, dead fly (crank & chainring) pedal 9 10 11 boots belt where) 16 17 tire brake lever 18 brake caliper 19 brake line group.

The main part describes

Fixed Gear Bikes
Fixed Gear Bikes (3)
1, frame Frame

Frame is the first part to decide to buy a car, buy a lot of parts with the design of the frame must be selected. Basic considerations have to buy the size and material. After choosing the frame, but must pay attention to the following three specifications: the front of the headset (Headset) diameter seat tube (Seatpost) diameter bowl and BB group (Bottom Bracket) diameter and thread size. Later, when these three parts must reference frame specification to buy! Fork will attach together with the frame, it is worth noting that if you need to install the front wheel brake, do not forget to buy the brake has drilled mounting holes. Also worth noting that the two fork design, different design will affect the following group Headset (Headset) and risers (Stem) purchase. Fork into threaded (Threaded) and two non-threaded (Threadless): the top of the fork is not threaded prominent parts, and threaded to the front and do the headset fixed. The top non-screw type front fork is longer, put directly to the top riser. Two different designs will affect the bike last appearance, this part can also be used as a reference when purchasing a little, like the retro styling that temperament cycling Please choose threaded (Threaded) 2 fork looks like a little funky fork shape is selected from the non-threaded (Threadless) of.

2, the front of the headset Headset

Headset group is simply the leader of Bearings (Bearing), is responsible for leading fixed to the frame and provide joint activities. This unit purchase three steps:

1. Select the frame meet the specifications set

2. Choose colors and styles

3. Selection

3. Riser Stem

Riser responsible for fixed handle (Handlebar), but also shoulder the effects of the heavy responsibility riding posture! Do not underestimate it because it is small to use it!

The basic steps are optional

1. Select the frame meet the specifications set

2. Select the corner angle

3. Choose length

And Headset groups as optional risers also have to consider the design of the front fork (threaded and non-threaded). Super-simple way to distinguish, threaded riser is L-shaped, rather than threaded riser is a block type.

Fixed Gear Bikes
4. Handle Handlebar

The handle is also one of the important parts of the riding position, but also the impact of a vehicle shape important thing. But before selecting the shape of the handle, the first consideration is the length and diameter of the handle. Generally the length of the handle may be equal to or less than the Shoulder

5. Seat Seatpost

The purpose is to support the seat tube seat design is similar, optional step 1. Specifications 2. 3 corners. 4 colors. weight

The first and most important is to choose in line with the frame seat tube. General recommendations to choose the seat tube of the main straight, a little bit of the top corners can also be accepted, too curved, then increase the distance between the seat and handlebars, the relative will affect riding position, remember not to buy a sport utility vehicle the seat tube like. . Of course, color is an important factor in the overall appearance of influence. Most of the selection is actually a choice between black and silver only, but if you want to paint your own, you can consider buying for coloring materials.

Finally, with regard to weight, although the impact is relatively small, but of course within the budget to try to light the light, you can enhance acceleration and handling.

6. Saddle Seat

Seat selection is more varied, generally looking road car seats, comfortable to sit on, it looks handsome.

7. BB headset Bottom Bracket

BB bowl group names quite strange, in fact, in the middle of the crank Perlin. This part is optional rule 1. Specifications 2. grade.

First specifications BB headset must be compatible reference frame category. As for the level of principle, though a minute before a half a point, but the real difference lies in the durability of the parts. This part of the standard can buy more than you can.

8. Crank set Crank set

Crank group can be subdivided into two parts: Crank (Crank Arms) and toothed disc (Chain Ring). The time of purchase can buy a package directly, if you need to select a particular gear ratio, you can purchase and then install a compatible disc foot.

9. Pedal Pedal

Select the pedal relatively more limited, according to the track car is generally recommended settings, use the pedals + boots + belt fashion wear normal shoes can be on the road, if it is more professional players road car, you can also install special step on the pedal with special shoes. It introduces the front side of the pedal type. This type of pedal is very little choice, at the beginning of the road, then I suggest you pick from the following two MKS pedal inside a bar!

10. Boots Toe Clip

Boots as the name suggests is used to set the shoes used, starting with the belt below your feet is sufficient to introduce fixed on the pedal. Generally partakers size boots, stepped up more easily in large (L), but there are some angles relative to the front wheel may wear No. 2 (M) of relatively standard, but if you use the brake pedal, the relative strength It will be relatively small. We recommend the use of steel sleeves, completely beyond the durability of aluminum and plastic made.

11. Belt Straps

Belt Function is simple, but the price is sometimes ruthless simple. Common belt a few hundred dollars, you can sell a belt of thousands ... The difference is that a number of advanced belt will be strong, while at the same time usually fit two belts reinforced cheap loose belt will be easier, especially with the brake pedal when feeling more obvious.

12. Chain Chain

Chain Size fixed gear vehicle stationary is 1/2 "x 1/8", the main difference is sturdy chain, followed by the smoothness, then followed by the weight and color. Good chain heard ruthless Naicao, friction will be relatively small, but large enough to spread not worth prioritize, recommend you to buy cheap KMC chain can, but many color choices (black, gold, red, blue, pink ...), this can actually take the time to sort through.

13. Wheel Front Wheel

The same fixed gear vehicle wheel disc brakes and non-road vehicles with a wheelbase of 100mm, Wheel size 700c. But will want to ride a fixed gear bicycle car friends should look for a higher degree of persistence, the general road bike wheels full of stickers trademark perhaps not so lovable, this time you have to look at the three basic elements of the front wheels : front axle (front hub), the rim (rim), and spoke (spokes).

1 Front Axle Front hub

With respect to the rear wheel, the front wheel needs to withstand the torque is not so large, so the axle relative to a lot more choice, in addition to Flanges (Flange) the level of informality outside (High flange, Low flange), most can pick spoke several relatively small axle. At the same color with the body color can do a combination of some noble brand will launch a variety of customized axle group.

2 Wheel Rim

Wheels optional elements in addition to the correct specifications and rugged, more importantly, in fact, is the number of good-looking ... first spoke wheels and axles must be the same (for example, buy axle is 32 pieces, the wheels also buy 32 pieces a), as strong to have to look at the various brands of different rim designs and materials, and because the front wheel pressure is quite small, sturdy wheels degree requirements are not so high. Finally, and most importantly, the rim shape and color. Some brands of wheels provide a variety of color choices.

3 pieces Spokes

Spoke of the need to spend most of the expertise, the first round web design firm will affect the degree of weight, length and width must be fully compatible with the wheel axle and wheels, while a different presentation (radial, cross 1, 3 cross, etc.) will affect the length of the wheel web. This part needs to be measured, the time of purchase be sure to go to a high enough degree of professional bike shop.

14. Rear Rear Wheel

Fixed gear rear wheel is quite special, especially the tight lock cog (Cog), and must meet the frame rear wheelbase 120mm or 130mm, thus unless it is made complete car-specific rear wheel fixed gear, buy on their own wheels three components - rear axle (rear hub), the rim (rim), spoke) (spokes), then it seems to have pieced together their necessity.

14.1 Rear Axle Rear hub

First you must select the rear axle and frame meet the specifications (for example 120mm), while the selection of parts with a budget of less than. The proposed specification is high axle ear (High flange), this way spoke with the angle between the axle large axle directly withstand the impact will be relatively small. Getting axle general recommendation to buy parts.

14.2 Wheel Rim

Rear rim selection must be considered completely robust, and secondly you can look at how to match colors. For example Velocity Deep V, strong and cheap can pick the color.

14.3 pieces Spokes

And the front wheel spoke the same reason, spoke of the need for more style and length of professional advice. However, the basic principle is the pursuit of the rear wheel is stronger, they spoke not forget to buy a little tough, but the presentation must be 3 or 4 cross cross.

15. Cog Cog

Cogwheel choice was quite simple, the main challenge is to drive the track (Track) specific type (equivalent to 1/8 "chain), followed by the desired gear ratio in accordance with the right to purchase the number of teeth. Usually track car cogwheel thread combination of design, then pick after determining the number of teeth can meet the needs. in addition there is usually the last cogwheel above the lock ring (lockring) responsible for fixing, the good news is that the lock ring is usually bought when the rear axle will Bonus.

16. Tire Tires

The concept is simple to buy a tire, a wide choice. It must meet the basic specifications for the 700c, and the width of the tire must be used with the recommended value of the rim, generally 20 ~ 25mm wide can put something. The wider the tire width slower acceleration, but the grip is relatively high, it is recommended to use a compromise can start tire of 23mm. If you often find a long ride with the rear brake drift technology, you can consider buying the contents Kung Fu Dragon (Kevlar) a high degree of wear of the tire.

17. Brake lever Brake lever

Fixed gear brake regarded in terms of car purchase, but for starters, we strongly recommend you to look at the safety ... To replace the front brake must have installed, you can omit the rear wheel, the brake pedal can be used. First brake lever selection, in order to meet the different hand, there are different brake lever design. In addition to design, the second is to select and handle compatible diameter.

18. Brake caliper Brake

Since the fixed gear road vehicle is substantially similar to the specifications of the car and brake option is also recommended to pick a dedicated road vehicle. Suggested the use of adjustable gear brake caliper (Caliper brake), choose a suitable black silver body color can be.

19. Brake line group Brake cable set

Connecting the brake caliper and the brake lever of the brake line group, including brake lines (Brake cable) and brake shell (Cable housing). Guess most people should follow the recommendations of the front brakes only installed because the front wheels and the handle from the hard close brake lines as short as possible, to operate a sensitive, and secondly, less material can be directly with the boss for a free period of.

In addition to the above components, other security-related features include the optional rear lights, helmet and lock on a car do not forget to put several projects also included in the list!