English name: solo bike carbon fixed gear bicycle
Other English name: Dead flies Guchi, terrier teeth, Keirin
Appearance: simple and stylish, colorful, can DIY
Features: Simple, no extra equipment and other lightweight components
Brief introduction

Dead coaster (fixed gear bicycle, hereinafter referred to as the bike dead fly dead coaster) rear gear and bolted directly to the rear wheels (unlike ordinary bicycle wheel gear by the ratchet connection, ordinary bicycle pedal reverse rear unstressed).
Therefore, the direction of rotation of the crank is always the direction of movement of the rear wheels is consistent. For example, the pedal forward, then the rear wheel forward; if the reverse pedal, the wheel backwards. Thus, over the dead coaster not his feet from the pedals, unless downhill. In general, the configuration is not dead brakes. Passengers can reverse pedal decelerate to a stop. Of course, if it continues, then reverse pedal bike will go back!
Under normal circumstances, it is not dead for Speed ​​Shift by shift. Of course, there will Speed ​​game manufacturers, before the death of the rear brake, even if there are changes gears.
The dead are called "floating" motor skills float fly Arts station opposite pedal very difficult to stop the rotation of the rear wheel. All weights are placed in the front wheel drift length can be longer, this action can impress others. If you want a quick stop to what needs to be done to stop the driver, rather than jumping like a crowded street parking is the same.
Fixed gear bike is very nice, because they are just a simple frame, two wheels, handlebars and transposons, usually without brake lines, no gear change, no fenders, no lights, no reflection, no brakes, clean bike.
Dead flies ride is very interesting! You can ride fast action or doing tricks, or playing polo or just as a daily means of transport. No flywheel drive feeling is very addictive, so be careful!
Dead flies dangerous phase, mountain biking or more, many cities are not allowed on the road, dead fly foreplay is the best understanding of these
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And fixed gear track bike (bicycle) is the same bike, but riding is no limit in the gym area, and in Japan there are classical forms of gambling venues bicycle race, known as China's "Keirin" is called "dead fly" or "Guchi", also known as the so-called "dry teeth" Hong Kong, New York old school bike culture bike dead fly, originally developed by Messenger express workers in Japan's popular Harajuku Housitede rapid cycling culture, it began to spread rapidly around the world, on behalf of street culture. And because Hiroshi Fujiwara and public Harajuku influx of people died flying bicycle enthusiasts, so the influx of people around the world have started to pay attention fixed gear movement, sports and fixed gear fixed gear modeling became popular. In early 2009, China's large dead fly boom began.

Tips for Getting Started with fixed gear
The front wheel 45 ° foot is forward biased, the crank lever horizontally, with the former balance of power and control pedals rear leg. (10 minutes, and ability to succeed)
Given a free hand lever

In accordance with the procedures set lever to control the balance to let go, relax the upper body, before and after the effect of equilibrium depends on your feet.

MID SKID (brake blocks)

To do this action, people can stay a little pad, then Gouzui, pull the front foot, locking the rear wheel (when the direction of the rear frame stepping step).


When the front handlebar stepped back, as far as possible towards the front crank body level, more forward will be more relaxed body. (Inertial force supporting pedals)


To do this action, the human hand grip straight, lower abdomen close to the handlebar, leaning forward, legs straight, feet with when 45 °, after stepping down the ground to find the feeling.

Cross brakes

When riding a certain speed, the dog stepped on the foot crank to the highest point down quickly past the other foot on the pedal just a Ornithopod step up reincarnation, resisted.


There is no fixed hand lever is determined to find a better thigh pedals step down feeling, and will gently handlebar handlebar (after the start of the center of gravity from the center) before you start lifting grab.

The rise of rotation

This action is difficult, the rise time, do the body tilted backwards movement to complete the transfer before the feet of natural forces pulled. Directly after the stampede to step down if the right circle hit the front of the body should be slightly inside the right side down, then. Requires repeated practice, mainly in order to control the inside front, lap times can be a little stand up and sit down, because this is still a novice can also control what balance.

Riding down

First, the hip to the handlebars, two-hand handlebar good, this time to note that before the back foot after the shoe as possible and gently slide master the balance, with both feet force.

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